Explore Other Amazing Birding Destinations in South America.

North Eastern Argentina

From Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

The vast territory of Argentina spans 4,000 kilometers from north to south in the southernmost tip of the American Continent, encompassing an incredible variety of biomes within its vast territory. This hard-core birding adventure has been specially designed for those who look forward to exploring new habitats and adding bird specialties to their lists. We will visit several birding hotspots and a great diversity of habitats in Northeastern Argentina, driving from the City of Buenos Aires, to the Mighty Iguazú Falls, searching every main birding location along the way.

  • Tour Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

North Western Argentina

With the Yungas, Andes and Chaco

North western Argentina is a land full of spectacular landscapes and with a vast cultural heritage. Remnants of buildings and roads from the “Great Inca Empire of the Sun” can still be found everywhere here, and many cultural events and pre-Hispanic rituals, such as that in honour of the “Pacha Mama” (Mother Earth), are still celebrated by the locals. Andean music is heard everywhere, and people still play their traditional instruments.

  • Tour Duration: 15 days / 14 nights

Birding Eastern Patagonia

Argentine Endemics and Seabirds by the Thousands!

This southernmost tip of the American continent is a geographical region that covers the south of Argentina and Chile and has such diverse habitats as arid steppes, Southern Beech forests and of course the seashores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Divided into a wet southern and western slope and a dry eastern slope by the Andean range, Patagonia offers an outstanding diversity of birds, with some 60 species almost restricted, or endemic to this unique region.

  • Tour Duration: 10 days / 9 nights