The Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Cristalino Jungle Lodge is located within a private reserve of just over 28,000 acres of prime Amazonian rainforest, this borders several other reserves giving a total protected area of over 2.5 million hectares! Cristalino Lodge also runs environmental, educational and responsible tourism projects together with various ongoing research projects, all managed by the Cristalino Foundation.

To reach Cristalino Lodge involves a couple of domestic flights arriving into Alta Floresta, this is then followed by a one hour drive then a beautiful 30 minute boat trip along the Cristalino river before arriving at the Lodge.

The birding at Cristalino is world class, to date they have recorded over 580 different species within the Alta Floresta and Cristalino area, this represents almost 50% of the total number of species found within the Amazon region. Highlights are too many to list but include 6 species of Macaw, the Scarlet Macaw, Red and Green Macaw, Blue and Yellow Macaw, Blue-winged Macaw, Chestnut-fronted Macaw and Red-bellied Macaw, high up in the canopy you can spot Pompadour, Spangled and Purple-throated Cotingas and in the understorey specialities such as Blue-backed Manakin, Red-headed Manakin, Snow-capped Manakin together with many species of Antbirds and Antthrushes can be seen! The two observation towers offer excellent opportunities for both canopy and raptor watching. There are several trails within the private reserve, all offering different birding opportunities and variation in habitat.

Cristalino Lodge is also an excellent place to try to observe various mammal species, although this can be hard sometimes due to the nature of the habitat you could expect to see Brazilian Tapir, White-whiskered Spider Monkey, Capuchins, Red-handed Howler Monkey and both Giant and Southern River Otters.

Cristalino Lodge offers that little bit of luxury and has various types of accommodation available including standard rooms, superior rooms and three different types of private bungalows.

We would recommend a stay of between four to seven days, this allows enough time to be able to bird the majority of the trails and to make an impact on seeing the wonderful wildlife that this area has to offer!

Our trips can be tailored to your needs, if you prefer a private tour or joining a small group is what you prefer, we can arrange either. We also cater for photographers if this is your main focus, rather than trying to see lots of different species we can spend more time in one spot trying to capture that “perfect” photograph.

Arriving at Cristalino Lodge (Andy Foster)