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Iguazu Falls

Our Iguazu Falls trip offers you the chance to visit these amazing falls and spend 4 days birding in some truly spectacular surroundings! Although there are some overlap species between the forest of the Serra do Mar Mountains where the Itororo Lodge is located, Iguazu Falls offers opportunities for a range of new species including Black-Fronted Piping-Guan, Great Dusky Swift, Red-breasted and Toco Toucans, twelve species of Woodpeckers including the rare Helmeted Woodpecker, Araucaria Tit-Spinetail, Red-ruffed Fruitcrow and Plush-crested Jay.

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North-east Brazil

A birding tour to north-east Brazil is a must for any birder wishing to see a serious number of endemics! The caatinga habitat is endemic to Brazil and offers some truly spectacular birding, and this together with the north-east Atlantic Forest provides us with an amazing 15 day trip, birding some of the most threatened habitats remaining in the world. There are many highlights on this trip including Araripe Manakin, Lear’s Macaw, Scarlet-throated Tanager, Caatinga Antwren, White-browed Guan, Gray-bellied Parakeet and Caatinga Parakeet amongst many others!

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The Pantanal offers any birder or wildlife enthusiast the perfect combination of great birding and mammal spotting opportunities! The habitat is “birder friendly” as it’s relatively open which makes birding slightly easier and a little more relaxing. It is one of the best places in the world to see the endangered and stunning Hyacinth Macaw together with 100’s of Jabiru Storks, Wood Storks, herons and ibises, waterfowl and literally 1000’s of caimans, this together with excellent chances of seeing Jaguar, fantastic photographic opportunities and spectacular scenery makes a birding trip to the Pantanal a must!

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Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Cristalino Jungle Lodge is located within its own 11.399 hectare Amazon Reserve. Very well known for its world class birding, excellent location, very comfortable accommodation and outstanding food it really is one of the best places for Amazonian birding. With over 580 species of birds on the doorstep such as Curl-crested Aracari, Bare-eyed Antbird, Lettered Aracari, Manu Antbird, Zig-zag Heron, Striolated Puffbird and six species of Macaw, why stay anywhere else?

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Serra dos Tucanos Birding Tours is delighted to offer 3 new birding tours to Argentina; North Eastern Argentina, North Western Argentina and Patagonia. Each of these destinations offer fantastic birding opportunities together with stunning scenery. Please click above for further details.

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Harpy Eagle nest – short tour

Serra dos Tucanos Birding Tours has access to an active Harpy Eagle nest, book a short tour to see and photograph this beautiful bird! (photo by kind permission of Mike Bueno).

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