Naturetrek Tour success!

It was a great pleasure to receive our first group tour back through the doors of Itororo Lodge last week. We spent 8 days birding the Atlantic forest, seeing a respectable total of 282 species with a further 16 heard.

We had an incredible week with some wonderful moments, the most memorable of which were a male Large-tailed Antshrike, posing beautifully in front of the group for at least 30 seconds (!), the amazing response from the Giant Snipe as it glided down and sat just 15 metres in front of us, giving spectacular views. The tanagers didn’t disappoint either with amazing views of Green-headed, Brassy-breasted, Magpie, Gilt-edged, Rufous-headed, Flame-crested, Yellow-backed and White-bellied Tanagers, all putting a great show!┬áThe Saffron Toucanet on the first afternoon that responded so well to playback, flying in and perching in a tree above the lodge and the small family party of Spot-billed Toucanets that sat above us making the most peculiar calls whilst doing so are all such wonderful memories!

Why not join us on a tour soon and experience the pleasure of birding the Atlantic rain forest!

Giant Snipe (Andy Foster)