Birding Macae de Cima

Just returned with the Avifauna group from a full days birding at Macae de Cima, great day with White-bearded Antshrike, Tufted Antshrike, Mantled Hawk, Black and White Hawk Eagle, Black Hawk Eagle, Bare-throated Bellbird, White-bibbed Antbird, Pin-tailed Manakin, Saffron Toucanet, Hangnest Tody Tyrant, Blue-naped Chlorophonia, Chestnut-bellied Euphonia, Green-crowned Plovercrest, Frilled Coquette and Yellow-browed Woodpecker and a further 80 species! Also went to look for Long-trained Nightjar back at Itororo Lodge for the third time….guess it was third time lucky! Photo, Long-trained Nightjar (Andy Foster)