Photographic tour days 1 and 2

A great start to our latest photographic tour having spent the last couple of days birding open country areas and some higher altitude sites. Lots of photographic opportunities with some of the main highlights including Streamer-tailed Tyrant, Black-necked Aracari, Curl-crested Jay, Gilt-edged Tanager, Three-toed Jacamar, Yellow-lored Tody Flycatcher, Brassy-breasted Tanager, Red-legged Seriema, Large-tailed Antshrike, Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper, Bare-throated Bellbird and Bay-chested Warbling Finch.

Photographic highlights from the last couple of days are as follows:

Streamer-tailed Tyrant (Andy Foster)
Gilt-edged Tanager (Andy Foster)
Three-toed Jacamar (Andy Foster)
Black-necked Aracari (Andy Foster)
Red-legged Seriema (Andy Foster)
Brassy-breasted Tanager (Andy Foster)
Large-tailed Antshrike (Andy Foster)
Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper (Andy Foster)
Bare-throated Bellbird before the clang! (Andy Foster)
Bare-throated Bellbird during the clang! Andy Foster