Birdfinders tour begins!

The Field Guides tour ended very well with the last new bird for lots of the group being a couple of Saffron Toucanets…. a nice way to end the tour! We have already begun another tour with a group from Birdfinders, they will spend 9 days here at the wonderful Itororo Lodge! The tour started well yesterday seeing around 60 species in the lodge grounds despite some rather heavy rain! Today we visited the Regua wetlands and had a good days birding with highlights including Scaled Antbird, Crescent-chested Puffbird, Brazilian Tanager, White-eyed Foliage Gleaner, Black-capped Foliage Gleaner, Plain-winged Woodcreeper, Lesser Woodcreeper, Rufous-capped Motmot and a rather cooperative White-barred Piculet, photograph below (Andy Foster)