Day 2!

Day 2 of the tour unfortunately didnt start off as planned due to very low cloud and poor visibility, however, with a change of plan we birded the Cedae and Theodoro Trails, it turned out to be a super productive day with highlights including White-eyed Foliage Gleaner, Black-capped Foliage Gleaner, Ochre-breasted Foliage Gleaner, Black-cheeked Gnateater, Spot-billed Toucanet, Grey-hooded Flycatcher, Saw-billed Hermit, Spot-backed Antshrike, Lesser Woodcreeper, Chestnut-bellied Euphonia, White-barred Piculet, Yellow-eared Woodpecker, Yellow-browed Woodpecker, Green-headed Tanager, Rufous-headed Tanager, Black-throated Grosbeak, Streak-capped Antwren, Plain Parakeet, Star-throated Antwren, Black and White Hawk-Eagle, Rufous-breasted Leaftosser, Grey-hooded Attila, Sharpbill (after quite a bit of effort!), White-rimmed Warbler, Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper and Sharp-billed Treehunter!

Spot-billed Toucanet (Andy Foster)
The rather elusive Sharpbill! (Andy Foster)