Birding Macae de Cima

Today was spent birding the track towards Macae de Cima. Unfortunately it was quite windy for the majority of the day which made birding a little difficult! We did however get to see some great birds including White-bibbed Antbird, White-bearded Antshrike, Pin-tailed Manakin, Spot-winged Wood-Quail, Surucua Trogon, Tufted Antshrike (flight views only), Yellow-eared Woodpecker, Yellow-browed Woodpecker, Eared Pygmy-Tyrant, Rufous-headed Tanager and Brassy-breasted Tanager.

White-bibbed Antbird (Andy Foster)
Pin-tailed Manakin (Andy Foster)
White-bearded Antshrike (Andy Foster)