High Altitude birding and lifer!

Now into day 3 of the Naturetrek tour and just got back from a great days birding at Pico da Caledonia. It turned out to be a very exciting day, not only did we get to see all of our target birds but we also found a Grey-backed Tachuri, this was a lifer for me and probably a first for Pico da Caledonia with no doubt just a handful of records for Rio de Janeiro state from Itatiaia National Park. We also got great views of Grey-winged Cotinga, Black and Gold Cotinga, Swallow-tailed Cotinga, Itatiaia Thistletail, Large-tailed Antshrike, Diademed Tanager, Serra do Mar Tyrannulet, Green-crowned Plovercrest, Velvety-black Tyrant, Rufous-backed Antvireo and Rufous-tailed Antbird!

Grey-backed Tachuri (Andy Foster)
Grey-winged Cotinga (Andy Foster)
Itatiaia Thistletail (Andy Foster)