Naturetrek tour day 3

Today we awoke to very low cloud over the lodge, it was looking unlikely that we would head to Pico da Caledonia for some high altitude birding as planned. As we drove down the mountain from the lodge there was thick cloud everywhere so we decided to head towards Duas Barras and Sumidouro for some open country birding, this turned out to be a very good choice! We saw a total of 121 species today with highlights including Streamer-tailed Tyrant, Blue-winged Macaw, White-eyed Parakeet, Blackish Rail, Yellow-browed Tyrant, Yellow-bellied Eleania, White-bellied Seedeater, Rufous Hornero, Wing-banded Hornero, Gilt-edged Tanager, Yellow-lored Tody Flycatcher, Scaled Woodcreeper, Sapphire-spangled Emerald, Glittering-bellied Emerald, Serra Antwren, Grey-eyed Greenlet, Crescent-chested Puffbird, Crested-black Tyrant, White-tailed Hawk, White-eared Puffbird, Grassland Sparrow, White-rumped Swallow, Grassland Yellow-Finch, Firewood Gatherer, Planalto Woodcreeper, Spot-breasted Antvireo, Streaked Xenops, Yellow-rumped Marshbird, Toco Toucan, Black-capped Donacobius, Tawny-headed Swallow, Red-legged Seriema, Three-toed Jacamar, Black-necked Aracari and Curl-crested Jay!

Blue-winged Macaw on todays excursion (Andy Foster)
Gilt-edged Tanager on todays excursion (Andy Foster)