Open country birding

We awoke to a very cloudy and damp morning and decided to go for the Three-toed Jacamar and some open country birding around Duas Barras and Sumidouro. As we made our way through Nova Friburgo (always quick on a Sunday morning!) the weather started to clear up and by the time we arrived at our first stop the sun was shining, perfect! We soon got into some birding action with new birds coming thick and fast, these included Blue-winged Macaw, Streamer-tailed Tyrant, Rufous-fronted Thornbird, Yelow-bellied Elaenia, Blackish Rail, White-crested Tyrannulet, Whistling Heron, Smooth-billed Ani, Glittering-bellied Emerald and Yellow-chinned Spinetail. The days birding continued well with lots of new birds, these included Serra Antwren, Grey-eyed Greenlet, Rufous Gnateater, Uniform Finch, Gilt-edged Tanager, Capped Heron, Yellow-browed Tyrant, Black-capped Donacobius, Lesser yellow-headed Vulture, White-tailed Hawk, White-rumped Swallow, Grassland Sparrow, Ultramarine Grosbeak, Firewood Gatherer, Southern Antpipit, Plumbeous Kite, Yellow-lored Tody Flycatcher, Brazilian Teal, Tawny-headed Swallow, Band-tailed Hornero, White-rumped Monjita, Red-rumped Cacique and Chestnut-capped Blackbird.

Next up was a stop for some White-eared Puffbirds, always a firm favourite! As usual these great looking birds responded well to playback and gave some good photographic opportunities together with a male Swallow Tanager in the same area. We stopped for some lunch and picked up a Half-collared Sparrow then took the 25 minute drive to Sumidouro where we had great views of two Three-toed Jacamars, mission accomplished!

White-eared Puffbird on todays trip (Andy Foster)