Cedae and Theodoro Trails

What a great days birding we have just had! We started the morning on the Cedae Trail and as soon as we got out of the minibus there was birding action! We ended up staying in one spot for the first 1.5 hours there was so much activity! Highlights from the morning included Spot-billed Toucanet, Red-necked Tanager, Green-headed Tanager, Ferruginous Antbird, Spot-backed Antshrike, Flame-crested Tanager, Rufous-headed Tanager, Red-crowned Ant-Tanager, Black-capped Foliage Gleaner, Ochre-breasted Foliage Gleaner, White-eyed Foliage Gleaner, Blue-winged Parrotlet, Black-throated Grosbeak, Black Hawk-Eagle and Spot-breasted Antvireo. We took the 30 minute drive back to the Lodge for lunch and then headed back out to the Theodoro Trail for some late afternoon birding. Although a little quiet we still picked up Saffron Toucanet, Black-billed Scythebill and Sharpbill! A very productive day indeed!

Blue-winged Parrotlet on the Cedae Trail (Andy Foster)