Birding Pico da Caledonia

We were greeted by a clear and beautiful morning! Today was clearly the day to bird the higher elevations of the surrounding mountains at Pico da Caledonia. We started off with a small mixed flock of Rufous-crowned Greenlets, Brassy-breasted Tanagers, Bay-chested Warbling finches and a Black and Gold Cotinga, we continued on up the track and got some good views of a Serra do Mar Tyrant Manakin, Thick-billed Saltator, Rufous-backed Antvireo, Blue-billed Black-Tyrant and our first Diademed Tanagers. Next was our first Rufous-tailed Antbird followed by a very cooperative Large-tailed Antshrike and a couple of Serra do Mar Tyrannulets, Velvety-black Tyrant and a very distant Grey-winged Cotinga. We continued on up towards the summit and after a lot of effort picked up a couple of Itatiaia Thistletails, on the way down we saw a male Plovercrest, Orange-eyed Thornbird, Yellow-legged Thrush and a Rufous Gnateater.

A little tired we arrived back at the minibus and took a 5 minute drive to our next stop, here we used some playback for our now very reliable Red-legged Seriema and within minutes we had 2 of them in front of us, such great views! This was followed shortly afterwards by great views of some Swallow-tailed Cotingas and a Shear-tailed Grey-Tyrant.

Large-tailed Antshrike (Andy Foster)
Diademed Tanager (Andy Foster)