Birding Macae de Cima

After a 35 minute drive from the Lodge we started to climb slowly in altitude on the dirt road that we would be birding along for the rest of the day towards Macae de Cima. Our first new bird of the day was a Glittering-bellied Emerald, followed by a rather cooperative Black-billed Scythebill, next up was a couple of Saffron Toucanets followed amazingly by a couple of Spot-billed Toucanets! Calling close by was a Giant Antshike, after some playback it came in giving views for some of the group. At the same time a White-bearded Antshrike started to call, amazing to have both in the same patch of bamboo! I continued playing the Giant Antshrike as White-bearded was already showing well, the White-bearded was very curious about the Giant Antshrike call and came down really close to investigate providing fantastic views of this Atlantic forest endemic. Giant Antshrike showed a few more times, but never really stayed around long enough for really good views.

Shortly after lunch we walked a little further down the road to try for a couple of target species. There was a Rufous-breasted Leaftosser calling close by so we played this and had a pair come in giving good views. At our next spot we got a great response from a Slaty Bristlefront that came in really well, we also had good views of a White-bibbed Antbird at the same spot. We walked further down and played Half-collared Sparrow, again, almost instantly this bird came in giving good views, along with a White-throated Spadebill! There were a couple of White-throated Woodcreepers that were in the area that showed really well, and as we were playing for the Bristlefront we were lucky enough to get 2 Brown Tinamous cross the track a little further down, usually a really tough bird to see! All in all, a very fun days birding!

White-bearded Antshrike (©Andy Foster)