Birding the Cedae Trail

What a great mornings birding we have just had on the Cedae Trail! It was raining when we left the Lodge today so we headed off over the mountains and back down towards the direction of Rio. As we started our descent the weather thankfully improved as we reached the start of the Cedae Trail at an altitude of 550m. We had a very birdy morning with many highlights and great views of some stunning birds. The main highlight was a very responsive Red-necked Tanager that came in so close giving some fantastic photographic opportunities! Other highlights included Buff-bellied Puffbird, Pale-browed Treehunter, White-eyed Foliage Gleaner, Black-capped Foliage Gleaner, Black-cheeked Gnateater, Streak-capped Antwren, Saw-billed Hermit, Ochre-breasted Foliage Gleaner, White-throated Woodcreeper, Star-throated Antwren, Eared Pygmy Tyrant, Blue Manakin, Chestnut-bellied Euphonia and Black-throated Grosbeak! After lunch we drove up towards Macae de Cima but unfortunately the rain had returned but we did pick up a fantastic male White-bearded Antshrike and a Planalto Woodcreeper!

Red-necked Tanager on the Cedae Trail (© Andy Foster)