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Day 5 – Pico da Caledonia

Just completed day 5 of the tour, spent the day birding the high altitude area around Pico da Caledonia. Lovely days birding with some great birds including Black and Gold Cotinga, Serra do Mar Tyrannulet, Giant Antshrike, Itatiaia Thistletail, Mouse-coloured Tapaculo, Rufous-tailed Antbird, Cinnamon Tanager, Plovercrest, Bay-chested Warbling Finch, Diademed Tanager, Grey-hooded Flycatcher, Rufous-capped Spinetail, Large-tailed Antshrike, Velvety black Tyrant, Rufous-crowned Greenlet and Thick-billed Saltator.

Serra do Mar Tyrannulet (Andy Foster)
Cinnamon Tanager (Andy Foster)
Diademed Tanager (Andy Foster)


Cedae and Theodoro Trail – Day 4

Now into day 4 of our current tour, excellent day birding the Ceade and Theodoro Trails today with highlights including Pin-tailed Manakin, Star-throated Antwren, Saffron Toucanet, Olive-green Tanager, Ochre-breasted Foliage Gleaner, Oustalet’s Tyrannulet, White-barred Piculet, Saw-billed Hermit, Black-cheeked Gnateater, Blue Manakin, Brazilian Antthrush, White-browed Foliage Gleaner, Yellow-browed Woodpecker and Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper.

Pin-tailed Manakin (Andy Foster)
White-barred Piculet (Andy Foster)
Rufous-headed Tanager (Andy Foster)

Open country birding on day 3 of the tour!

Just returned from a days birding around Duas Barras and Sumidouro. Some great birds today including Blue-winged Macaw, Gilt-edged Tanager, Crescent-chested Puffbird, Three-toed Jacamar, White-eared Puffbird, Crested Black-Tyrant, Wedge-tailed Grassfinch, Curl-crested Jay, Band-tailed Hornero, White Woodpecker, Red-legged Seriema, Yellow-lored Tody Flycatcher, Rufous-headed Tanager, Lesser Woodcreeper, Scaled Woodcreeper, Rufous-sided Crake, Narrow-billed Woodcreeper and Crested Black-Tyrant.

Gilt-edged Tanager (Andy Foster)
Crested Black-Tyrant (Andy Foster)
Wedge-tailed Grassfinch (Andy Foster)

Birding the Blue Trail at Itororo Lodge

Just started another 6 day private tour based at Itororo Lodge. Spent the morning birding the Blue Trail within the lodge grounds. This trail runs through some great habitat at an altitude of 1300m. Although a little slow to start off with due to some light rain things soon picked up and we managed to see some great species including Black-billed Scythebill, Spot-billed Toucanet, Bertoni’s Antbird, White-collared Foliage Gleaner, Buff-browed Foliage Gleaner, Lesser Woodcreeper, Blue Manakin, White-throated Woodcreeper, Yellow-browed Woodpecker, Rufous-headed Tanager, Pallid Spinetail, Ochre-faced Tody Flycatcher, Grey-capped Tyrannulet, Scaled Woodcreeper, Sharp-billed Treehunter, Surucua Trogon, White-rimmed Warbler and Planalto Woodcreeper.
Spot-billed Toucanet on the trail this morning (Andy Foster)

Birding the Regua wetlands

Unfortunately the last day of the tour was upon us! We spent the day birding the Regua wetlands, and what a productive day it turned out to be! Highlights included Boat-billed Heron, Capped Heron, White-chinned Sapphire, Versicoloured Emerald, Greater Ani, Silvery-flanked Antwren, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, White-bearded Manakin, Sooretama Slaty-Antshrike, Yellow-backed Tanager, Flame-crested Tanager, Chestnut-vented Conebill, Scaled Antbird, Southern Antpipit, Plain-winged Woodcreeper, Long-billed Wren, Greyish Mourner, Eye-ringed Tody Tyrant, Reddish Hermit, Chestnut-backed Antshrike, White-barred Piculet, Unicoloured Antwren and Elegant Mourner (what a bird)!

White-barred Piculet (Andy Foster)
White-bearded Manakin (Andy Foster)


Birding Macae de Cima

Today was spent birding the track towards Macae de Cima. Unfortunately it was quite windy for the majority of the day which made birding a little difficult! We did however get to see some great birds including White-bibbed Antbird, White-bearded Antshrike, Pin-tailed Manakin, Spot-winged Wood-Quail, Surucua Trogon, Tufted Antshrike (flight views only), Yellow-eared Woodpecker, Yellow-browed Woodpecker, Eared Pygmy-Tyrant, Rufous-headed Tanager and Brassy-breasted Tanager.

White-bibbed Antbird (Andy Foster)
Pin-tailed Manakin (Andy Foster)
White-bearded Antshrike (Andy Foster)


Full day birding the Itororo lodge grounds

Day 5 of the tour and just spent a full day in the Itororo Lodge grounds, as usual a very productive day with highlights including Spotted Bamboo Wren, White-browed Foliage Gleaner, White-collared Foliage Gleaner, Shear-tailed Gray-Tyrant, Scaled Woodcreeper, Bertoni’s Antbird, Pin-tailed Manakin, Uniform Finch, Rufous-breasted Leaftosser, Brazilian Ruby, White-throated Hummingbird, White-shouldered Fire-eye, Black-throated Trogon, Rufous-capped Motmot, Rufous-crowned Greenlet and bird of the day…..Rusty-barred Owl!

Rusty-barred Owl, just a 5 minute walk from the lodge! (Andy Foster)
Brazilian Ruby on the Itororo Lodge feeders (Andy Foster)
Rufous-breasted Leaftosser (Andy Foster)


Day 4 – Duas Barras and Sumidouro!

Just completed day 4 of our current tour, another productive day with 90+ species being seen around Duas Barras and Sumidouro. Some nice open country birding today with the main highlights being Three-toed Jacamar, Serra Antwren, Black-billed Scythebill, Black-necked Aracari, Toco Toucan, Crescent-chested Puffbird, Streamer-tailed Tyrant, Blue-winged Macaw, Half-collared Sparrow, Yellow-eared Woodpecker, Gilt-edged Tanager, Wedge-tailed Grassfinch and Yellow-lored Tody Flycatcher.

Yellow-lored Tody Flycatcher (Andy Foster)
Wedge-tailed Grassfinch (Andy Foster)
Curl-crested Jay (Andy Foster)